Earth Science




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Directions: Read the PDF introduction to The Dark Day of New England (true event!). Propose an initial
hypothesis as to what caused the darkness. Then review the three (3) sets of clues to help you solve the
mystery. After reading and analyzing each set of clues, make observations about what you have learned, then
using reasoning, revise your hypothesis after each set of clues. After reading all three (3) sets of clues, and
revising your hypothesis, state your final, detailed explanation of what caused the Dark Day of New England.
HINT: You may want to review your notes on the Scientific Method and Claims, Evidence and Reasoning
NOTE: This is an actual historical weather event, so please don’t Google it to try and complete the activity.
Initial Hypothesis (from the Introduction, what do you think caused the day of darkness? Remember the initial
hypothesis is just an educated guess, it is okay if it is not correct at this point).


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