Economic growth

Goolsbee argues that the sharp immigration cuts in the United States are a significant threat to the economy.  The largest population of immigrants provides low skilled labor in several companies within the United States.  This helps the companies be more productive and continue manufacturing and creating innovative products that can be sold locally and internationally.  Therefore, the US firms have great opportunities for economic growth and the result of more revenue collection in the gross domestic product growth of the US.  Consequently, following the evidence of the significant financial contributions of immigrants in the United States and the current challenges imposed by the government, there is need to establish advocacy plans vital to promote the increase in the number limits of the number of immigrants allowed to come and work in the country (Sherman et al. n.p.; Goolsbee n.p.).  Advocacy also considered critical areas such as security in the country; thus, the goals, targets, and approaches used to advocate for immigrants will work within the law to ensure that some immigrants allowed into the country are not a threat to the US population (Caviedes 897).

The main goal of this advocacy brief is to emphasize and address the current challenges of sharp immigration cuts into the United States.  The current Trump administration has further reduced the limit of the number of immigrants, which poses a threat to the economic development of the country as more companies are being established, and low skilled labor is highly required to increase productivity and growth of the firms.  The advocacy brief has two main objectives, which include advocating immigrants working in the US and analyzing the economic impact of immigrants in the country.

Based on the advocacy targets, main messages, and the advocacy activity plan, stakeholders such as the US-based companies, immigrants, and global organizations can be potential partners to advocate policy changes and acknowledgment of the economic impacts of immigrants.  For instance, global organizations such as the World Economic Forum can be used as a source of critical statistical information of the positive economic contributions of the immigrants nationally and globally (WEF).  These crucial stakeholders can contribute towards addressing the problem at hand by first providing more resource funding and advocating immigrants in legal matters.  Second, helping the advocacy team to communicate with the authorities about regulatory issues and showing the importance of allowing the more skilled worker to be allowed in the country.  Third, providing documents required for immigrant documentation, recognition, and support by the government to promote more innovative as well as product ideas.  Fourth, disseminating education to other local organizations and native citizens on the importance of working in a diverse environment, such as sharing of ideas and knowledge and encouraging competition essential to create more advanced and innovative products that can be sold within the US or international markets.  Finally, the stakeholders may also be advocates by themselves; thus, they help in team building and motivation to ensure that all target activities and tasks highlighted in the advocacy roadmap are completed successfully.

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