Energy input




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Think of your cell phone, your car, and your bicycle. What do they all have in common? Each of them requires an input of energy to work. It is no different for living organisms. Life would not work without a constant input of energy. Imagine a plant without light or a person without food. Eventually their energy runs out and they die because their cells cannot carry out reactions or maintain organization. Like your bedroom when no effort is spent cleaning, a living organism goes into disarray without constant energy.

It is a natural law that everything in the universe becomes less organized and loses usable energy. Stars burn out, cores of planets cool, and mountains erode. However, life has found a way to overcome this law (at least temporarily). Living organisms strive to maintain a constant input of energy instead of a loss like everything else. They do this through the energy transforming processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Without them, the flow of energy in living organisms like you would stop, and life would cease to exist.
Video Reflection: Please answer ANY 2 (ONLY answer 2, if you answer more or less, you will not receive credit for the assignment) of the questions below. You MUST type the question you are answering in your response.
What was the most interesting part of the video?
What was something new you learned?
What are you confused about from the video?
Do you see any relationships to your life? Why or why not?
Which part would you like to learn more about?
What follow-up experiment would you like to do and how would you relate it to your life?





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