Eng 110 English

The final project for English 110 consists of three-parts. Part one asks you to do secondaryresearch, part two asks you to undertake a questionnaire, and part three asks you to write aletter of transmittal that includes a summary of findings. In essence, you’ll be asked to initiate afictional report, and although you won’t write the actual report itself, you’ll perform bothprimary and secondary research for it and offer a summary of your findings in a letter oftransmittal.Part One: Secondary ResearchIt’s important to first inform yourself of specific topic before you’re able to develop a survey anddraw conclusions from the results. Refer to “Chapter 19: Secondary Research.” This chapterexplains the difference between secondary sources drawn from the Internet and sources drawnfrom books and periodicals.Research one of the topics listed below by selecting a minimum of five sources to meet therequirements of reliability as explained in “Chapter 19: Secondary Research.” For each of thefive sources provide a bibliographical entry (formatted in MLA, APA, or HBS). Under each ofthe entries provide a brief summary of the content of that source.Select one of the following topics:1) Musical preferences2) Movie genre preferences3) Extended versus nuclear family4) Awareness of traffic laws in Canada5) Legalization of marijuana6) Assisted dying7) Censorship on the Internet8) Beauty contests9) Banning smoking in public places