Eng 1202 English

For this assignment, please write a literary analysis essay that, in its thesis, identifies atheme arising in the play M. Butterfly. Your essay should also comply with all of the otherguidelines for writing a literary analysis essay set out in Paul Headrick’s A Method for WritingEssays about Literature [hereinafter MWEL], most but not all of which are encapsulated inAppendix 6 of MWEL. Most importantly, please ensurea. that your thesis identifies a theme that is expressed by the literary text, taking intoaccount Headrick’s specific comments with respect to themes arising from theresolution of conflict in narrative;b. that your title, your introductory paragraph, and your concluding paragraph contain allof the requisite “components” described by Headrick;c. that you have employed repetition of key words throughout your analysis;d. that your claim statements create a logical sequence structure and not a list structure;e. that each of your analytical paragraphs deploys the three components identified byHeadrick—claim, evidence, and analysis—in appropriate and effective ways, andparticularly, that your analysis fulfills the requirements set out on pages 12-14 ofMWEL;