You will choose a short story and analyze it using two critical concepts and two academic secondary sources. You will write a proposal, then workshop the essay in class, and finally hand in your revised draft. Your research paper must follow MLA format, and include a Works Cited.

Step One: Choose one of these short stories to write about. 

(These are all available online at The New Yorker website.)

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“Pursuit as Happiness” by Ernest Hemingway

“With the Beatles” by Haruki Murakami

“The Resident Poet” by Katherine Dunn

“Futures” by Han Ong

“The Stone” by Louise Erdrich

“Shape-Ups at Delilah’s” by Rion Amilcar Scott

Step Two: Close read and annotate the story. 

Make notes. Who is the story about? What happens? Which words do you not understand? Where does the story take place? Which phrases seem especially significant?

Step Three: Choose two concepts from class to apply to the story.

Patriarchy, agency, Marxism, proletariat, bourgeoisie, systemic violence, symbolic violence, subjective violence, ideology. Make sure you can connect these concepts to the story.