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My Essay Topic is Perhaps he loves you now, And now no soil nor cautel doth besmirch The virtue of his will: but you must fear, His greatness weigh’d, his will is not his own; For he himself is subject to his birth: He may not, as unvalued persons do, Carve for himself; for on his choice depends The safety and health of this whole state. Act 1, Scene 3, Laertes to Ophelia Examine the issue of class in Hamlet and The Great Gatsby and what the issue of class you explore in your essay reveals about the human condition. (important) important You just have to refer to the novel and play more and don’t use other websites and info a lot other than a novel and play you can only use 2 extra references no more than that I need most of the novel and play and your thinking. (the essay in third person essay) I need you to provide me with an essay outline which I will provide you and please be sure that you will do Shakespeare intext citation and will do great Gatsby’s in-text citation you should refer to both novel and provide texts in form of in-text citation in MLA with page number act scene and all those Ensure That Your Essay: ? Has a critical thesis ? Uses Third Person ? Uses Formal Essay Conventions: o Formal Language: no slang or informal terms e.g. Do not use “OK,” “like,” etc. o Proper Grammatical Structure: Complete sentences and paragraphs o No Contractions e.g. “don’t,” “can’t,” “they’re” etc. o MLA Format for Essay and Proper In-Text Citations o Note: Please place your critical thesis in the final sentence of the opening paragraph. Prepare an essay outline to organize your thoughts and evidence in order to write a thought-provoking, well-organized essay. ? Use the format outlined in the graphic organizer—Effective Essay Structure—as a guide for the the structure that is expected in your essay. ? Please quote accurately from the original text and cite all quotes with in-text citations. Quotes must be properly formatted to MLA in-text citation criteria as outlined in Essay Lecture; however, you do not have to create a Works Cited page. ? The essay must be 1000 words o please include a word count in brackets at the end of your essay. o NOTE: For essays not meeting the length requirement, one mark out of the total of 40 marks for this assignment will be deducted for every 100 words over or under this limit. Please post your essay to the appropriate Turnitin folder on the course Moodle. NOTE: Any essays not posted to Turnitin by 3:30 PM on June 12th will receive a deduction of 2% per day that the essay is late. Any essays not submitted to Turnitin will receive a grade of zero. Hamlet & The Great Gatsby Essay Assignment Essay Topics Essay Topics: Write a formal, critical essay in response to one of the quotes or guiding statements below for your essay topic: NOTE: Please place the topic number of your essay prompt at the top of your essay, in your MLA header, next to the course name. This is my sucess critira Organization and content of an essay designed to clearly support analysis /10 Introductory Paragraph Missing Needs Improve ? Intriguing Hook ? Engaging Introduction ? General to Specific ? Ending in