Engineering Management Project

Engineering Management Project

1. When the Nissan Revival Plan was developed, which activities initiated by Carlo Ghosn and Nissan employees were related to the management functions of (a) planning, (b) organizing, (c) leading, and (d) controlling?

2. In your view, in what ways was the Nissan Revival Plan unique?

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3. What were the major factors responsible for the success of the Nissan Revival Plan?

4. Ghson arrived in Japan to single-handedly head up Nissan. In your view, which of Ghosn’s leadership characteristics were the primary reasons for his success?

5. If you were heading up the Nissan product development programs, what additional efforts would you want to initiate to make Nissan even more competitive with its Japanese and US automotive rivals?

6. To meet the new challenges ahead, Nissan must now devise new plans. In your opinion, what should be included in these new plans? Be as specific as you can.

7. What are the valuable lessons you have learned from this case?