English argumentative research paper 8-10 pages crime in memphis

This assignment will ask you to take all that you have learned about writing, research, and revision in order to revise your researched argument. You may use writing you produced in your first draft, but if the paper does not change significantly, then you will fail the project. Your goal for this paper should be to improve your argument and to improve your presentation (tone, sentence structure, organization) of that argument. This paper should be 8-10 pages and use a minimum of 8 sources (5 of which should be academic). Your argumentative research paper will use academic sources to present an argument about Memphis. The  topic for this specific paper is CRIME IN MEMPHIS.

Attached is a small draft that must be used when writing this paper, therefore you really only need to write 6-7 pages since the draft is 2 pages. Please include sources and ask any questions if there is confusion.

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