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 If, after reading this lesson and the Topic 3 OWL resources, you have questions about choosing a topic or would like to brainstorm ideas with a tutor in real time, please attend one of Smarthinking’s live (real-time) session 


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n this ongoing research paper project, students will:

  • Select and narrow an essay topic.
  • Identify audience and purpose before beginning the process of writing an essay.
  • Formulate a strong, effective thesis statement.
  • Structure an essay using a strong beginning, middle, and end.
  • Develop and organize the topic sentences, the supporting details and specific evidence that support the thesis and essay.
  • Show appropriate development of the essay and the thesis using paragraphs that contain sentence variety and specific, coherent, relevant, and interesting details.
  • Make good use of topic sentences, transitions, and concluding statements within the paragraphs, which better links paragraphs in the essay.
  • Write an essay, approximately 6 double-spaced and typed pages (1,250 words), using proper research techniques and following proper standard MLA guidelines.
  • Include 4 to 7 relevant, quality sources in your works cited page.
  • Revise to ensure appropriate development with specific attention to cohesion, support, and organization.
  • Revise to include varied, interesting, and accurate sentences and word choices.
  • Identify the common grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors in an essay and apply the rules of correction to effectively edit.

OWL Online Writing Lab Resources


he Purdue OWL also offers a number of other resources on choosing and developing a topic:

esearch Paper Project – Step 1: Choosing a Topi

For this lesson, you need to choose a topic for your research paper. As discussed in the lesson presentation, choose a specific topic.

Thinking about the broad topics that you’re interested in is a great way to choose a specific topic, as we’ve seen with this example. To brainstorm specific topics, choose one or more of the pre-writing activities discussed in the lesson. For example, if you’re interested in computers, start brainstorming ways that computers are used like in this