Epidemiologic Studies

For these exercises, you will be using the SPSS dataset Polit2SetC. We will begin by looking at individual responses to items on the Center for Epidemiologic Studies— Depression (CES-D) Scale. For a description of these 20 items, refer to Exercise B1 in the chapter “Factor Analysis and Internal Consistency Reliability Analysis.” If you did this Exercise B1 and have kept your output, you can answer the questions here without redoing any analyses. Otherwise, run frequency distributions for the 20 items (cesd1 to cesd20), ignoring the four items that were reverse coded. Then, answer the following questions: (a) What was the range of missing data for individual items, in terms of numbers and percentages? (b) Which item had the least missing data? (c) Which item had the most missing data? (d) How would you describe the “typical” amount of missing data for these 20 items?