essay needs to include

The goal of this assignment is to create an original piece of writing that analyzes and explains the historical context of China’s current environmental predicaments. In other words, the essay should relate research on China’s environmental history to present-day environmental concerns.
1. In addition to a least one news article published since 2016, your Past and Present Essay needs to draw upon the lectures, films, and required readings. (I already uploaded a DOC, all source you can use in this section is in there)
2. You also need to refer to at least two titles from the suggested readings listed in the syllabus that are related to the topic you decide to write about. (for this you can search in google scholar (
essay needs to include:
1) A title that captures the topic and main point of essay
2) An introduction that explains the purpose of the essay and the main issues to be addressed.
3) A specific, clear, and argumentative thesis statement in the introduction that explains what you intend to argue in the essay.
4) Sections that address the key issues and include accurate, specific evidence and analysis to support your thesis statement. Each section should have its own topic heading.
5) Reference to at least one news article. (prefer news article find in google scholar)
6) References to at least two suggested readings. (you can find all the suggested reading in the DOC i upload)
7) References to relevant lectures, assigned readings, and movies. (you can find all the suggested reading in the DOC i upload)
8) Clear, grammatical, and accessible writing.
9) Cogent and logical organization and structure.
10) An effective conclusion that summarizes the report’s findings and their significance.
All your references should adhere to the American Historical Review (AHR) citation style. The footnote style used by the AHR generally follows conventions recommended by The Chicago Manual of Style. You do not need to include a bibliography.
      Placement of Notes. A footnote number should come at the end of a sentence or at least at the end of a clause wherever possible. Footnote numbers always follow quoted or cited material; they should not be placed after authors’ names or other references preceding the cited matter.
      Citing Books. The first citation of a book should take the following format:
Gerhard L. Weinberg, A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II (Cambridge, 1994).


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