Estimate the load on the Wireless Network

Assignment Overview

Now that you have started to design a Wireless Network for your assigned institution, the requirements for the Wireless Network will be considered in the form of Network Needs Analysis.

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Directions:Refer back to the Design Document and complete the information in the “Network Needs Analysis” portion of the document. Consider the following when completing the “Network Needs Analysis” section:

  1. Types of applications/services that will be used on the Wireless Network
  2. Number of users the Wireless Network will have to support
  3. Speed requirements for the Wireless Network
  4. Estimate the load on the Wireless Network

Remember to address the needs of your assigned business setting when considering the requirements of the Wireless Network. While most businesses typically have the same setup, each individual institution has to be concerned about specific privacy issues, reliability, and security threats. Therefore, some additional research may need to be conducted for your assigned business.

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