ETCV 403 Principles Of Web Design


Learning Objectives

Students will define the layout of their site using a front-end toolkit based on grids.

●Define “grid-based layout” and discuss the benefits and limitations of using an existing toolkit

●Sketch a proposed webpage layout and implement that sketch using the grid-based toolkit provided

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●Experiment with various layouts to determine the most effective way to display navigation and content

●Design a website using the provided toolkit.

Assignment Criteria

Page Layout with Grids

For our final edition of the Zoo Animals website, we will use the skills we have been building to layout our pages using the Bootstrap framework.  Bootstrap was developed at Twitter and has been released under the MIT license.  Layout, as you have discovered, is a challenge in HTML/CSS because of the differences in browsers and in the devices that visit our sites.  In using a toolkit, we take advantage of the work others have done to jump-start our own development. That isn’t to say that all Bootstrap based sites look the same – a skilled developer can use Bootstrap as a foundation and develop a site with colors, backgrounds, and other visual elements that meet the needs of the client.

Download the assets for the project from D2L.  Unzip them into a new directory in the same location as all your other project and homework files.  You will create four pages but two of them use the same structure.