Ethical corporate thinking and actions in the IT industry

General frameworks for ethical corporate thinking and actions in the IT industry have also been covered in the prior weeks. In preparation for your remaining written assignments in the second half of this course, let’s take a bit of a closer look at the relationship between ethics and moral standards, and how attitudes about the interplay between these two standards have changed over time.
Keep in mind that these standards regulate what is considered right or wrong conduct or behavior. Appendix A provides insight into various views on morality. Review and select one of the moralities discussed in the Appendix to refer to as you respond to the following items:
The moralities selected was: Relativism
• After all this time, why is it still a struggle to provide a universally common ethical standard that would be globally (or even locally) accepted?
• Share your thoughts on your selection and your opinion of where society is today in terms of moral attitudes.
• Provide a short description of what the morality you selected from your reading suggests about the way we should live our lives and make decisions.



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