“Ethics Capsule 1- What Ethic Variables Are Most Important Doing Business”

For this article assignment, read Ethics Capsule 1- “What Ethic Variables Are Most Important Doing Business” page 7 in your text

– the student will summarize the article in accordance with the required template. (See Below).

– the assignment will not exceed three pages in length. (The requirement of three pages is because in business, time is money. It is important that the student include all of the pertinent information of this article within these three pages. When compiling all of this data into three pages, it requires critiqued writing).

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– it is important that the student summarizes the article, but equally important is the inclusion of their opinion based on the data and the student’s additional research.

– the final paper will be a cover page, three pages, and a reference page.

– in addition to the article, the student will use two additional outside sources

Please show these topics on your assignment and then provide your explanations.


Article Assignment



In Chapter One of your text, there is a section with the caption of Ethics Capsule 1. What Ethic Variables Are Most Important Doing Business Read this ethical article and then summarize the article using the required template. Please use at least two outside sources when validating your statements. Being it is a short article, it is imperative to supplement the information with outside research.

Please show the subtopics as shown in the template. The student will also use two additional (outside) sources in addition to the text in validating their discussion. Any source retrieved from the AU online library is a reliable source. The paper will include a cover page, reference page, and the information from the Ethic Capsule 1.  Please do not use direct quotes, or word-for-word from the text, from articles, or any other source. This must be in APA format.

Please submit the article on or before the stated due date.


Article Template




Provide a general overview or background for the article.


Explanation of the Issues


Explain the major issues of the article




Identify pertinent information in investigating a point of view or conclusion


Influence of Context and Assumptions


What are the assumptions being made?


Student’s Position


What is your hypothesis or thesis of the article?


Conclusions and Related Outcomes


Based on the above criteria, what is your conclusion (implications and consequences?)




In accordance with APA



Doe, John (2010), Evaluating the importance of comparative advantage. Wall Street


Journal, 22, 2010….etc.