Ethnicity vs culture PowerPoint presentation assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the Ethnicity vs culture PowerPoint presentation assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Ethnicity vs culture PowerPoint presentation assignment

This is a 2-part project that will include a 10-15 min PowerPoint presentation for classmates, as well as a scholarly paper. Students will create a PPT presentation in preparation to write a paper. Presentation & Paper Should Include: Ethnicity vs. culture for the assigned group Customs: concepts of family, gender norms, death and also birth rituals/beliefs, ideas regarding childrearing, food and dietary preferences/restrictions, educational beliefs, religion/spirituality/prayer?

Describe 2 spiritual or religious beliefs common amongst the cultural or ethnic group. Beliefs regarding Elderly and Aging Professionalism and Nursing implications of caring within the culture. What should the RN caring for the client know to deliver holistic care? How does a nurse present herself/himself as a professional? What does being a professional mean? Common non-verbal communication (eye contact, touching) Health Beliefs / Disbeliefs Beliefs about pain Loss & grieving Possible Ethnic Groups: Native Americans Asians or Pacific Islanders Middle Eastern/Arabic African Americans Hispanic or Latinos Caucasians/Western Europeans (Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland) Northern Europeans (Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK)

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PPT Guidelines: 1. Oral presentation should be 10 – 12 minutes in length, should be clear, concise, and also practiced. Do not give entire presentation reading word for word from the slides or your notecards. It is an expectation that students will have a working knowledge of the assigned group to educate others. 2. Include at least 7-10 slides (no more than 15) not including Title & Reference slides (these slides are a given and also must be included). 3. Must be visually appealing and include graphics and images in addition to typeface. 4. Reference page in proper APA format (Additionally, please review the resources on the Class Path or Purdue Owl. Do not forget to cite the visuals as needed. Info Commons Librarians can help with this too as well as the Writing Center.


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