European Union (Western Balkans)



You are an advisor to the EU’s enlargement commissioner. This paper is designed for you to take on the role of
policy advisor to the EU’s Neighborhood and Enlargement Commissioner. You will be tasked to convince him
that a certain country (you choose which one) in the Western Balkans should be immediately admitted to the
EU or immediately removed from the accession process. You will look at the enlargement prospects for any
country in the Western Balkans. Given what you have learned about enlargement in general since 2004 and
the Bulgarian and Romanian cases, you are all well-prepared to do this. The paper runs 2000-2500 words with
8 – 12 sources split between academic and others. It combines research and policy paper. You are tasked with
writing a research analysis and suggest a policy. In the case of Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia or
Serbia you can argue for either their immediate accession or that accession talks should be abandoned. In the
case of Bosnia or Kosovo, you can argue that they should be made candidates for accession or left on
“potential candidate” list. Things to consider: quality of democracy, regional relations, geopolitical concerns,
rule of law and so on.

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