Evaluate online sources and identify appropriate sources related to that disability.

This topic requires you to look beyond the acute care facility and at the wider context of health care, in particular took at the political backdrop against which the transition of care from hospital to community is occurring.
From the available data in the case study identify and discuss the potential barriers to effective planning for transition of care for the person in the case study. It is expected that your discussion will address factors such as but not limited to:
• The adequacy of the information provided in the case study and what further information is needed so that you as the nurse could develop a plan for the ongoing care of this person post hospitalisation.
• How assumptions about pathophysiological, psychological, cultural, spiritual and social processes potentially impact on the provision of care the person in the case study and people in general with long-term health care needs in a community or extended care setting. For example social capital, socio-economic status, stereotypes (ageism, racism, able-bodiedness).

Note: the required total word count is 2750 excluding the reference list.

Economics of Museums and its interactions to Economics of Happiness
The paper is about how economics of museums and economics of happiness are interacting with each other. For example, the travel cost, the cost and benefit analysis, and the impact of museums on real estate, etc.
The paper has to have quotations and a works cited page.

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Musculoskeletal Presentation on Goniometry
we would like you to pick an outcome measures (Goniometry) used in the musculoskeletal setting and critique their use using the available evidence base to support your critique. This has to be presented back in a PowerPoint presentation, with Harvard style of references.

Assistive Technologies Report
EDUC 210: Computers in Education
Research Assignment
Assistive Technologies Report

For this assignment, you will research an area of disability that you may encounter in the classroom, and present information based on research conducted online. Your research may include information from company websites, but you must include information from at least one article found in a scholarly journal.

This assignment addresses the following:
� North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, Standard 4: Teachers facilitate learning for their students.
� Course Student Learning Outcome 4.0: Displaying a general knowledge of the computer as an instructional tool.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this assignment, and given specified topics regarding disabilities, students will be able to:
� Locate an article dealing with one of those disabilities in a scholarly journal.
� Evaluate online sources and identify appropriate sources related to that disability.
� Describe the disability.
� Identify ways in which the disability affects students� performance in the classroom.
� Identify assistive technologies that assist students affected by that disability.
� Write a paper in general APA format presenting the findings from the research on the disability.

In at least 2 but no more than 3 pages, write a report on a disability that may affect students in the classroom. The report should follow the guidelines below.
� Answer the questions:
o What is assistive technology?
o Describe the disability that you researched.
o How does the disability affect a student’s ability to perform in the classroom?
o What assistive technologies exist to help students with this disability (at least two) be more successful in the classroom? How do they help? The technologies you present should be high tech*, and two completely different technologies, not two examples of the same.
� The report should include the following:
o Information from at least one scholarly journal article.
o An in-text reference to the scholarly journal article.
o Information from at least one organizational site (.org).
o An in-text reference to the organizational site.
o Information from a third source of your choosing (may be a commercial site).
o A title page.
o An abstract.
o A reference page.
� Submit the report in Blackboard.

� Get started on the assignment early. A third of your time will be spent just searching for information.
� Be present for the library orientation session. This is where you will learn how to navigate the library�s website, and how to locate scholarly journals.
� Use the resources in the Course Documents area in Blackboard. There are several resources that deal with evaluating websites and writing in APA format.
� Check your work against the rubric before submitting.

EDUC 210: Computers in Education
Research Assignment – Assistive Technologies Report & Presentation

Criteria 0 1 2 3
What is AT? Did not answer the question. Provided a brief description. Provided a detailed definition.
What is the disability? Did not answer the question. Stated the disability researched�. and provided a description of the disability.
Disability affects? Did not answer the question. Provided at least one affect of the disability. Provided at least one affect of the disability with a detailed description, OR Provided at least two affects of the disability� and provided a detailed description of the affects.
High Tech ATs? Provided no ATs. Listed/described low tech ATs, OR
Listed/described only one high tech AT. Described two high tech ATs�. and described how they help the student in the classroom.
Scholarly Journal Article? Did not use a scholarly journal article. Used a scholarly journal article.
Other resources No other resources used. Used at least one other resource (.org). Used two additional resources including a .org site.
Title page No title page, OR Title page not in APA format. Title page partially in general APA format. Title page in general APA format, including running head.
Abstract No abstract. Abstract partially follows general APA format. Abstract in general APA format.
Reference page No reference page. Reference page not in general APA format. Reference page in general APA format.
Body Body of report not in general APA format. Some elements of APA format evident in body of report (header with title in all caps and page number, long title on first page, line spacing, margins, in-text citations, etc). Most elements of APA format evident in body of report. Body of report in APA format.
Mechanics Many errors in mechanics (spelling, grammar, sentence structure) Several errors in mechanics. Few/no errors in mechanics.

Report Total: /25