.Evaluate or critique the theory.

Assignment 1 will help you to clarify and illustrate your understanding of the concepts and theories in career development. To begin this assignment, read your text, review the video lecture, review any supplemental materials, and use the rubric as a guide to help you complete the assignment. This assignment will count toward your final grade and is worth 100 points.
In this assignment, you will write an APA style paper about a career theory included in Chapter 2. Select a theory that resonates with you or one that you believe would be useful in working with a specific population. Begin by describing the key concepts of the theory or important details including how the meaning of work and role of work across a person’s lifespan are conceptualized. Include information about the theorist(s) in your introduction. Next, discuss theapplication of the theory with the population of your choice. Be sure to discuss the relevance of the theory to your population, how the theory could be used, and any special considerations for use in the population you chose.Evaluate or critique the theory. You should include potential strengths or challenges you may anticipate in using the theory including any multicultural considerations counselors should take into account. (Does the theoryconsider a person’s culture in the career development process?) Comment on the research generated by the theory or the evidence used to support the theory or the lack thereof. Conclude the paper with some personal reflection about the theory. Consider how the theory relates or does not relate to your personal career development.