strategies to control infectious disease

1.Explain the roles of World Health Organisation (WHO), Department of health or Explain the role of World Health Organisation (WHO) Department of health or public health England local Authorities (eg Clinical Commission Groups) in identifying levels of health and disease in communities
2. Explain using statistical data, the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and breast cancer in England.
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches and strategies to control the incidence of any infectious disease as mentioned in 1&2.
4. Use relevant research to determine current priorities and approaches to the provision of services for people with disease or illness namely HIV/AIDS and Breast cancer.
5. Explain the relationship between the prevalence of breast cancer or HIV/AIDS in relation to the requirements of health services to support individuals with the above diseases.
6. Analyse the impact of current lifestyle choices(eg diet, exercise and substance use) on the future needs for health and social care services.
7. Assess the health and well-being priorities for people living in a London borough (eg Brent, Hackney, and Hounslow).
8. Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies, systems and policies in a health and social care setting, namely: provision of services, quality of provision, complaints policies in relation to a particular service.
9. Discuss changes that could be made to improve the health and the well-being of individuals in a health or social care setting. This should be linked to 8.
10. Evaluate an activity that has been implemented to encourage behaviour change for maximising health for individuals in a health or social care setting. Smoking cessation programme must be discussed in your essay: