Evaluate the following statement from an economic perspective Private health insurance- the preserve of the rich- why on earth should they receive a subsidy?

health care issues from an economic perspective
Assessment 1 Questions
The following questions are to be answered in no more than the word count indicated and should be correctly referenced according to APA 6 edition.
The answers should be set out with the number of the question and the question in bold at the top.
Each question must be attempted.
Margins should be 2.54 for top bottom left and right. Double line spacing justification left and right and Calibri Font 12 should be used.
Australian English

The teacher mentioned that it is good to use diagram in answering the questions when it is possible.
Use current references (5 years old) mostly journal articles.

Strongly consider the attached marking criteria.
When writing the paper try to consider the below table.
Key issues are identified and articulated to an exceptionally high level consistently throughout written work. On all occasions definitions are accurate clear and
relevant. 3440
Arguments presented throughout are consistently of an exceptionally high standard and demonstrate a coherent concise and logical progression of ideas. Theories
concepts arguments and implications have been critically analysed supported by relevant literature and evaluated to an exceptional standard. 1720
Key issues have been summarised and relevant comprehensive and insightful conclusions have been drawn; both to an exceptionally high standard. Both have been
consistently integrated throughout the written work to an exceptionally high standard. 1720
The clarity and conciseness of the expression and the structural organisation of the work are of an exceptionally high standard throughout. Correct referencing
technique is used on all occasions. The selection of references used is of an exceptional standard it is comprehensive relevant timely and adequate with respect to
the topic

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Question 1 (500 words 10 marks)
Briefly outline the trend in take-up of private health insurance in Australia over the last few decades. What are the likely factors that contribute to the growth?
Evaluate the following statement from an economic perspective Private health insurance- the preserve of the rich- why on earth should they receive a subsidy?
Question 2 (500 words 10 marks)
Evaluate the following statement from an economic perspective Health care and asparagus- two different markets but the same economic tools of analysis and similar
key questions apply. What differentiates health care from other markets?
Question 3 (500 words 10 marks)
Earlier this year the Australian Federal Government indicated its intention to introduce an up-front fee payable by customers visiting bulk-billing doctors. Through
the use of basic economic principles demonstrate the resulting market shifts that would occur and use theory to discuss the potential impact on equity.
Question 4 (750 words 15 marks)
Smoking is good for no-one. Evaluate this statement from an economic perspective. Explain the relevance of elasticity of demand to the issue of smoking. What
government interventions might be effective in reducing smoking behavior? Discuss. (Please see relevant short media article for some inspiration attached)
Question 5 (750 words 15 marks)
Watch the video- The price of lifeIn reality is there a price placed on human life? Explain the ethical / moral issues associated with placing a price on life. Is it a necessary evil? Evaluate from an
economic perspective.