Exceptional Needs Children


Case Study
Mr. Knightly has been a Special Education teacher at Jackson Elementary School for seven years. Every five
years, he must renew his teaching license and, to do that, he must complete 6-semester hours, or 90-clock
hours, of Continuing Education during the five-year period. Recently, he took a course called, “Diversity in the
Special Ed Classroom.” Having taught at Jackson Elementary School for so long, he felt he had a pretty good
understanding of the disproportionate representation of minorities in the elementary school special education
classroom. But, his professor discussed a recent Penn State study that indicated that minorities were actually
underestimated in terms of being identified as needing special education services in elementary and middle
school. The conflicting reports made his head spin. He decided to talk with his co-worker, Ms. Dailey.
Mr. Knightly and Ms. Dailey sat down for coffee in the teacher’s lounge to discuss this discrepancy in reports.


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