Explain Fundamental Ethical Issues



Explain Fundamental Ethical Issues

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The aim of this assignment is to conduct a critical analysis of fundamental ethical issues in research. It is important to understand and then be able to explain contemporary ethical debates, which informs fundamental interpretations of ethical concepts.
Begin by selecting, researching, and analyzing a specific area of ethics in research that can include:

International research
Research with children (Writer: please write about this one)
Animal research
Data ethics in research
Investigational drugs ethics

Then, prepare an informational pamphlet for those who are considering participating in the research study, or those who are concerned about how the study will be completed. Be sure to explain the following pertaining to key ethical issues in the area you selected:

Explain why these key ethical issues are important for the study area.
Interpret how they are usually addressed. Be sure to provide examples, if appropriate, to support your findings.

Further, determine how these issues can be solved or eliminated.

Support your pamphlet with a minimum of three scholarly resources. You are encouraged to include graphics, charts, and any other supportive visual aids.

Length: 2-3 pages, not including title and reference pages

Health Management, Ethics and Research Module: 7.  Principles of Healthcare Ethics

Ethics is about the values that should be respected by all healthcare workers while interacting with individuals, families and communities. Ethics may sometimes be considered a scary term by some healthcare professionals because it is a word that may bring to mind an accusation of wrongdoing or mistakes, but this is not the case.

In this study session you are going to cover the concepts and principles of ethics that are relevant to your work as a Health Extension Practitioner. This will enable you to identify some of the most important ethical issues and then find out how to work to resolve them. Working to clear, consistent ethical principles is one of the most important components for delivering quality healthcare for individuals, families and the community at large.

This study session mainly focuses on ethical issues that you may face in your day-to-day practice and introduces some of the mechanisms you can use in order to resolve them.



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