Explain how business statistics are important to your business

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In week 1 of this course you were asked to identify a business that interests you. Throughout this course you completed several assignments pertaining to your identified business. The signature assignment will pull together these assignments and you will submit a paper that addresses the following:
1. Explain your business (150 words minimum).
2. Explain how business statistics are important to your business (week 1 discussion). Elaborate on your five chosen statistics from week 1 (minimum 350 words).
3. In week 3 you identified two variables that are important to an area in your chosen business. Elaborate on the significance of your chosen variables (minimum 300 words).
4. In week 4 you completed a sales forecast for our chosen business. Provide a written rationale for your sales forecast with detailed explanations. Integrate your spreadsheet with the sales forecast into the Word document. The narrative should be no less than 350 words and the spreadsheet forecast should not exceed 1 page.
5. Describe how you might use decision models in your business (week 5 discussion). Minimum word count for this part is 200 words.
6. Describe how a continuous simulation model can benefit the business strategy decisions for your chosen business. Provide realistic examples (minimum 200 words).
The total word count for this paper is 1750 words which is approximately 5 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. The cover page and the reference page is extra, so your paper should be a total of 7 pages minimum.  

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