Race And Ethnicity 4.3

 After reviewing the videos about Indigenous Peoples as mascots, Halloween costumes, and cultural appropriation, argue for or against the use of mascots, Halloween costumes, and other processes culturally appropriated from Indigenous Peoples. In your discussion, be sure to include elements of prejudice, discrimination, assimilation, and racism.

Race And Ethnicity 4.2

 In thinking about the various laws and policies the US government created to control and surveil Indigenous Peoples, research and discuss two (2) social issues, laws, or policies, in detail, that negatively impact Indigenous Peoples.  In your discussion, please be sure to include examples in the media to illustrate your points.

Race And Ethnicity 4.1

Review the First Nations website from the Readings and Resources and select one of the following programs provided:  Nourishing Native Foods and Health, Advancing Household and Community Asset-Building Strategies Strengthening Tribal and Community Institutions, Investing in Youth, or Achieve Native Financial Empowerment.

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After choosing a program, in your initial post, provide an overview of the program you selected and a summary of two (2) projects within the program.  In thinking about what you have read in the text, how do these programs strengthen the relations between the US government and Indigenous Peoples?  In what ways do these programs promote or highlight serious issues in the flawed policies and laws created by the US government?