Explain how social factors influence engagement.

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1.Explain how social factors influence engagement.
2. Explain ‘tabula rasa’.
3. In what 3 ways can applied behaviour analysis (ABA) be a useful strategy for a classroom teacher to use?
4. Identify 2 features of a child-centred approach to learning?
5. What are the four key principles of constructivism?
6. To what extent is the teacher’s role important in discovery, inquiry and problem-based learning?
7. Identify two ways that the climate of a school influences student engagement?
8. When are behaviouristic theories and approaches necessary and relevant within a classroom context.
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9. What are 2 key features of a Reggio Emilia approach to education?
10. Identify 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses of a constructivist approach to teaching and learning.
11. In the context of memory, what is elaboration?
12. What are two ways that humanist approaches have influenced current classroom practices?
13. What are two potentially negative aspects of learner-centred approaches?
14. Identify three primary emphases in humanist education?
15. Suggest two main school factors involved in motivation and engagement.