Explain how this myth fits a particular stage of the heros journey, as described by Joseph Campbell.

Hero Paper (World Mythology) Esfandyar
This World Mythology hero paper has to be done by two parts which are Draft and Final.I need Two pages for the draft, and 6 pages for the final. The topic of this Hero Paper is ” Esfandyar (Rosengerg from page 63-76) text book. The instructions are below Hero Paper Value: The hero paper is worth 18% of the course grade. Length : 900 to 1,500 words (about three to five double-spaced typed pages) Due Date : Your paper is due at 11:59 p.m, May 9, 2019 Format : Please submit your paper to D2L in .doc, docx or .rtf format. ? Please name the file using the following format: yourname,MythDraft.docx & yournameMythPaper.docx (example: GiambussoMythDraft.docx ). ? E-mailed papers, hard copies and hand-written papers will not be accepted except upon prior arrangement with the instructor. Topic: A sign-up sheet will be passed out in class. Style: Papers should be formatted in conformity with a recognized academic style guide (Chicago, APA, MLA, etc.) of the students choice. For basic information regarding three major style guides, see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/ . Draft Y our draft must : ? (Condition A) Be at least 900 words; and ? (Condition B) Be free of spelling errors; and ? (Condition C) Consist of no more than 20% non-original material (including direct quotes and paraphrases); and ? (Condition D) Be submitted to D2L by 11:59 p.m. on April 18, 2019 . If all four conditions are fulfilled, you will receive 3 points. If any of the four conditions are not fulfilled, you will receive 0 points. Paper Structure Part I: The Myth ? Recount the primary story . ? The best approach is to retell the story as if you are explaining the myth to a friend. This section should not be close paraphrase of the original text but rather your own account of the myth. Thus, you may wish to omit certain details and emphasize other areas you find central to the myth. Part II: The Hero ? Explain how this myth fits a particular stage of the heros journey, as described by Joseph Campbell. ? First, explain the stage in question and its context within the heros journey as a whole. Then, apply the stage to the hero of your myth , explaining how the hero goes through this particular stage. Finally, you may wish to say something about how the hero has changed during this stage of the heros journey or what he or she has learned. Part III: Analysis ? Present your analysis of the myth and its relationship to the heros journey ? The focus of your analysis is up to you, but I recommend you provide one of the follow forms of analysis: ( one of these do not try to do all three) o An historical analysis, which shows what the myth tells us about the people who wrote it (their values, their worldview, etc.). o A psychological analysis, which examines insights the myth provides about stages of life all (or many) humans undergo. o A contemporary analysis, which shows how the myth may provide lessons for us today