Explain how you will accomplish your nursing goals.

Assessment (Level 3):
Type Length % Aggregate

Written Assignment
3,000 words

Date/time of submission: 15-12-15 on or before 23.55 hrs
Date of resubmission: TBC
Word limit: 3,000 words (+/- 10%)
Please note that marks will be deducted for going above or below this word limit. See student handbook for guidance.

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Written Assignment:
The written assignment will consist of:
(i) The presentation of a care study (3,000 words “ level 3) demonstrating a capacity to apply research derived theory to the compassionate, therapeutic and rehabilitative relationship with the person with dementia.

Remember this is an academic piece of work “ please refer to appropriate literature/research throughout your assignment to support issues raised.
Suggested guidelines:
Section Information to Include:
Introduction (patient and problem) Introduce your assignment and what you aim to address/focus on. please note that:
The introduction should start with statistic about dementia then write generally about dementia then specially about Alzheimer™s dieses.

. Explain who the patient is (Age, gender, etc.)
¢ Explain what the problem is (What was your patient diagnosed with- Alzheimer, or what happened?)
Pathophysiology ¢ Critically discuss the condition (What are the symptoms? What causes it?)
¢ Include relevant statistics/prevalence in relation to the identified condition.
History ¢ Explain what health problems the patient may have
¢ Consider any medication ?
Nursing Assessment ¢ Refer to why the need for assessment/early identification.
¢ Consider any assessment tools/methods used.
Nursing Diagnosis & Patient Goal ¢ Explain what your nursing diagnosis is (What is the main problem for this patient? What needs to be addressed?)
¢ Discuss what your goal is for helping the patient.
¢ Remember to focus on Person Centred Care throughout your care study.
Nursing Care Plan ¢ What care plan has been devised for your patient.
¢ Consider collaboration with other health care professionals in order to provide high quality care for your patient.
¢ Role of informal carer(s) relevant to your patient.
Nursing Interventions ¢ Critically explore what treatment(s) the patient is receiving because of his/her condition.
¢ Explain how you will accomplish your nursing goals.
¢ Consider evidence based nursing.
Evaluation ¢ Critically discuss how effective the nursing intervention is.
Recommendations and conclusion ¢ Explain what the nurse should do in the future to continue to provide this approach to caring for individuals with this condition. Consider any barriers/costs/training. Provide an overview of the salient points highlighted in your assignment and any challenges for the future.
please note that: rewrite it in a good way
case study

The reason for choosing this model is:
I choose this module to learn more about dementia, and to improve my knowledge about this illness. From my knowledge and my previous background, I do not have that Idea about dementia. My practice in dialysis unit, and I was there for 2 years, and I just saw one case that came to the dialysis. From that point I identified the disease.
What happened is the following: In one day I received an admission for a lady who want to have a dialysis, came with her daughter. When I started my usual work like taking a history from the patient. I noticed something strange about my lady.
Mrs, Sara was a nice and lovely lady she was 79 years old. She was well looking and dressed well and walking well. Mrs Sara was unfamiliar with the place and she cannot recognize her name in the begin. About a dress and date of birth she was not that sure about it. So, I asked her daughter about Mrs., Sara wrong.
She said that her mother diagnosed with Alzheimer disease one year ago. Mrs. Sara came with her daughter to have a dialysis session. After that I started to have the patient history from the daughter. She said that her mother was behave normally and was out door person, she likes gather with the friend and family, moreover she was encouraging me to have a lot of parties. My mother was looking after her self well.
Between time and time, I noticed that there is something wrong with my mom. It had started with a change in temperament. she became progressively more irritable and quick to blame her husband for not doing the things which she said she had asked him to do.
In one day in our way to visit my sister because she got birth. My mother asked me where we are going, I thought that she is kidding me. But she was not actually I did not answer her question. When we arrived to my sister room my mother was not sure about my sister name, and about the reason for coming to the hospital. Then she started crying, in this time I recognize there is something wrong with my mother. In the next day I took my mom to neurologist doctor and he did an investigation then informed me that my mother has Alzheimer. Over the next few months her memory deteriorated progressively to a point where she forgot not only events but also the names of her children. She seemed lost in a world of her own and out of step with the world around her family.

2) I need 2900 words include this case study.
3) The references should be reliable and academic
4) The minimum 25 references and 30 max
5) The references should be modern and not older than 2005
Here my access if you need university resources


Always maintain confidentiality. Please do not identify the placement/trust, patient or member of staff.

General assignment guidelines
The normal requirement for a well presented typewritten submission of work includes:
¢ Double spacing of typescript
¢ Wide Margins, at least 2.5cms top, 3.5cms bottom, 4cms left margin and 2.5cms right margin
¢ The font used should be Times New Roman size 12
¢ Page Number “ with the exception of the contents page all pages should be
numbered consecutively throughout the piece of work

All assignments must include, in the following order:
A title page which includes:
¢ Your name, student number, intake, level
¢ Module Name and Code
¢ Module Co-ordinator
¢ Submission Date
¢ Actual Word Count

Referencing Guidelines
A reference list must be included at the end of the work. All work must be properly referenced using the Harvard system. You must refer to the Learning Development Service™s essay writing guidelines for guidance on acceptable referencing:

Help and support
Help and support can be obtained in the first instance from the module co-ordinator.
Additional support is available from the Learning development service at the Student Guidance Centre (www.qub.ac.uk/directorates/sgc/learning) who provide advice around a variety of issues including academic style and referencing.

Submission of assignment
You are required to submit your work to both Queens online and to Turnitin UK.
More information on the use of Turnitin can be found at: http://www.qub.ac.uk/directorates/AcademicStudentAffairs/CentreforEducationalDevelopment/e-Learning/OriginalityCheckingwithTurnitinUK/

You will need to submit your assignment electronically to both Turnitin and QOL:
¢ ˜TurnitinUK™ (JISC plagiarism detection service) www.submit.ac.uk Class ID and Password for Turnitin will be provided.
¢ Queens online Models of Dementia