Explain the types of depression

Briefly name and describe the models of care in community mental health.
Why would we use one model of care over another?
Briefly name and describe the types of anxiety disorders.
Explain the types of depression
What is meant by unipolar and bipolar?
On a warm and sunny February morning a college student is found hanging from a tree outside a dormitory dead of an apparent suicide. The evening before he had broken up with his girlfriend. What symptoms might he exhibit before completing suicide? Which factors make him at risk? You are his friend. What interventions might you make if you suspected his intentions? What will you do now as a suicide survivor?Why do we say that violent behavior is a cycle? What would you look for if you suspected a child was being physically abused at home? What intervention would you make?Medications help relieve psychiatric symptoms. What would you say to a client who needed mediation intervention but was reluctant to take any? Which medications are commonly used for depression?Andrea Yates age 37 was tried by a jury in Texas for drowning her five young children. She is being treated for post-partum psychotic depression. Two weeks before she murdered her children Andrea stopped taking her Haldol medication. Haldol is a powerful anti-psychotic drug. Do you believe she is guilty of murder of innocent by reason of insanity? Defend you answer using this case or others.(Essay)