. Explain what the value proposition of University is. Hint – if an organization has multiple types of customers, it may have multiple value propositions

value proposition 1. Value Proposition A. What is value proposition? B. How do you find out what your customers want as far as value proposition? C. Can you meet your customer’s needs as far a value proposition and still fail as a business? What is the likely outcome for a business that does a great job in delivering value (specifically value proposition) and yet fails as a business? D. Explain what the value proposition of University is. Hint – if an organization has multiple types of customers, it may have multiple value propositions. 2. MBA competency exam You have graduated from TSU and now have your own consulting firm. A friend of yours has asked you to help provide consulting services to her company. She owns a company that provided standardized testing, like ETS, to a variety of clients. She has an idea that MBA students should pass a standardized exam at the end of their program. This would be like the exam that lawyers pass, the bar exam, or the tests nurses must pass to practice nursing. She thinks this is an untapped opportunity. Provide your client with the following services: 1. An estimate of market size – how many of these exams could she sell? 2. What should these exams cost? 3. Who are the customers for this exam? 4. What are the problems or barriers to her idea? 3. Your consulting firm has another new customer. A group of top managers from Alibaba has asked your firm to provide consulting services. First, before you meet with them, you need to find out what this company does and what services it provides. You know that they want to talk to you about increasing their presence in the US market. A. prepare a report about this company and its services that will be distributed to your team of consultants before they meet with the Alibaba executives. B. Develop a plan to help increase the presence and prominence of Alibaba in the US. C. What are the risks or issues that Alibaba should be prepared for before they make this push into the US? Resources to help you get started: https://www.alibaba.com/ Main website for company https://www.alexa.com/ Company that provides research on website traffic 4. Your consulting firm has be very successful in recruiting clients. A group of executives from McDonalds would like to meet with you. Their primary question is “What do we need to do to remain a top brand and major force in the fast food segment in 2024?” This is not about small tweaks but about the big picture for this corporation. Prepare your report for this company. To get started, look over the company’s 10-K and the risks section. This report needs to be more than a collection of ideas, it needs to be in depth analysis. It should include some trend analysis and analysis of available numbers.