explore various methods of achieving public health goals such as through regulation vs. education, the pros and cons of certain public health programs, etc.


Infant Mortality-Health problem or Social Problem?

Instructions for HLTH320 Research Assignment
Best Methods for Achieving Public Health

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This research is an opportunity to explore various methods of achieving public health goals such as through regulation vs. education, the pros and cons of certain public health programs, etc.

Review the materials in the chapters covered in Parts IV- VII, Chapters 13 through 30) and choose any one of the sub topics in any of these chapters. If you wish to choose a different topic in the field of public health, you must secure approval of your topic from the instructor before you begin the research. If you use a topic other than the issues above with no pre-approval, your paper will not be accepted

The paper should be 8 to 10 pages, plus title (cover) page, abstract, and reference page.
Use at least 6 references, including books, journal articles, websites, research, etc.
Follow APA format (see APA Style in Weekly Materials), including a cover page with running head, abstract, sub-topic headers, proper in-text citations, and a reference page.
Use 1 margins and 12-point type, double-spaced
All type should be the same size and font even on the cover page. Use only black ink.
Use Sub-headings (Abstract, Issue, Review of Literature, Conclusions) in order to organize the paper.
Formal language is expected. Do not interject any comments of a personal nature and avoid using the first person (I, me), slang, contractions, rhetorical questions, etc.

Be careful not to plagiarize any material. Use in-text citations for any material from another source; use quotation marks for direct quotes. Your work will be checked using Davenports Turnitin online service for originality. Any part that is taken directly from another source without giving credit to that source using in-text citations will be cause for failure for this assignment. Even if you give credit to the source, no more than 25% of your paper should be direct quotes from another source. Re-write it in your own words!
Use the evaluation criteria chart below to make sure you cover all the topics
You must use the following sub-headings and include all in your paper:

1. Abstract. This should be a summary of the material presented in your paper about 0.5 page in length.

2. Issue. State the specific issue, problem, idea. Using data and statistical information, define the scope of the topic – about a page in length.

3. Review of literature. Describe major positions presented (pro/con, varying theories or methodologies, etc.). Describe alternative viewpoints plus the evidence that support them. Your goal is to review a diverse sampling of the literature to gain multiple viewpoints and ways of achieving public health goals. This should be several pages and include at a minimum 4-5 pieces of literature research.

4. Conclusions. Choose one of the alternatives from your literature review. Provide a logical explanation and reasons for your conclusions and your choice based on the evidence/experience of the authors cited in your work. This is not the place to introduce new concepts but to analyze what you have already reviewed. Make persuasive conclusions that you can support with the literature. Your conclusions should be, at a minimum, a full page in length.