Family friendly work practices



1. Students will be given a topic by the professor, with reference to
materials found in Chapters 8 – 17 of the textbook. You are asked to address the topic as it relates to the labour m
2. Students are asked to prepare a short brief, as though in preparation for a January meeting with a Premier of o
provinces, or the Prime Minister.
3. Students will be evaluated in terms of how well they use theory and empirical evidence from the course, refer to
research outside the course materials, present new empirical evidence they have compiled, clarity in writing stude
imagine having only 5-10 minutes of the Premier’s/Prime Minister’s attention when preparing the brief and be app
concise. Students may choose to submit a written policy brief.
4. The first file is from my textbook. You can read it. And the second file is an example from my professor, you can
the brief’s format looks like.

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