Fat Soluble Vitamins




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How can deficiency of the fat soluble vitamins affect athletic performance? You can provide research on either strength or endurance related performance. Make sure to discuss how deficiency will show up. For example, what are some of the symptoms an athlete may experience due to a deficiency? Use at least 2 peer reviewed articles to support your response and it must be written/cited in APA format.
While it’s rare that we see a deficiency in some Fat Soluble Vitamins, it is very common in Vitamin D and others. For this assignment, you want to do the following:
Write a paragraph about at least 2 of the 4 Fat-Soluble Vitamins and discuss how a deficiency could affect athletic performance. You can discuss any aspect as it may related to athletic performance. If you don’t feel the evidence supports any impact on athletic performance, then discuss why this does not occur based on your findings.
Give your reader a little introduction about the vitamin before going directly into a deficiency and talk about its functions as some of the functions will be important when it comes to a deficiency.
Discuss how to recognize a deficiency meaning what are the signs and symptoms of a deficiency?
For this paper since you will be writing about Fat Soluble Vitamins in your Assignment, you DO NOT need an introduction and summary/closing paragraph. I’d like to see paragraph on each Vitamin. Keep in mind a paragraph is not 2 sentences so be specific in your discussion

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