Favorite physical activities as a child?




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Congratulations! You are opening a preschool classroom. I would like for you to write a paper that supports the health, safety, and nutrition of your program. Since these three areas are the subject of this class, you will need to address each of these issues, in detail, as to the importance of providing them in your program.

What type of program will you be opening? A Preschool, Head Start, Faith-Based, Family Day Care, or Private Program? Provide your programs contact information. Include the name, address, phone number, and contact person of the program. Include age of the students you will be serving and teacher to student ratio (i.e., 1:3, 1:6, 1:8, 1:12).
Describe the environment of your center and the nutritional needs of the children in your program. Reflect on the regulations, standards, policies, and procedures related to health (illnesses or disabilities) , safety (indoors and outdoors [cushioning ground cover]) and nutrition (home cooked meals or prepared from an outside source or special diets) in support of young children, teachers, and families that you have been reading in the book, what we have been discussing in this class, and the resources you used.
Discuss how your program is using a developmentally age-appropriate curriculum for your age group in the areas of health, safety, nutrition, and describe 6 or more activities (2 for each component) that share with the children being physically healthy, safe, and eating healthy. Include how your program acknowledges the value of collaboration with families and the community.
Conclusion include what was learned and how your program supports the information we have been learning in the book.

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