Feedback Reflection

The academic environment is based on growth through feedback. Peer reviewed journals are respected
because each writer’s work is subject to the scrutiny of colleagues. Academicians must attend to feedback
carefully and respond with appropriate, thoughtful revisions.
Doctoral students begin this practice through careful attention to professors’ feedback. Like seasoned
academicians, successful students will demonstrate this attention through improvements in their written work.
Question proposal
In preparation for your coming literature review, you will need to develop a good research question that
includes both diversity and leadership elements. This question must be grounded in a real-world problem, and
it must be a logical next step from the existing research.
Assignment instructions:
Feedback reflection Refer to previous assignment feedback from this or previous courses. Describe what you
have learned from this feedback, what you still need to learn, and how you can use the feedback to refine your
future assignments.
Question proposal State the research question you intend to use for the literature review (Module 5). The
question must include both diversity and leadership elements. It must connect to a specific problem of practice,
and it must (to the best of your knowledge) be a logical next step from existing research. For this assignment,
provide a brief supporting statement for your question (one to three sentences).



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