Financial Crimes in UAE

Topic: Financial Crimes in UAE Task: Propose a legal research problem that is relevant to your LMM track i.e. ADR and Arbitration or Finical Crimes and Money Laundering. Your proposal must comprehensively cover the main features and integral components of a research proposal. Instructions: 1. Your proposal must be thorough and reflect your understanding of the subject. 2. The proposal must be between 1100-1500 words (excluding footnotes/bibliography). Failure to keep the designated word count for the assignment will result in a penalty of a reduction of three marks. 3. Your proposal must be upload it onto the Turnitin Software on Moodle, and plagiarism free. 4. Your proposal must be presented, with satisfactory level of understanding and question answering. 5. Maximum is 40 marks. 6. Due Date: 7/12/2020 Format: ⦁ Choose Times New Roman as a font type for your assignment. Use a font size which is at least 12 pt, and line spacing of at least 1.5. ⦁ The referencing style that should be followed is Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). Further, you have to footnote every reference – you used – at the bottom of every page and include a bibliography list of references at the end of the assignment. Notice: Please note that the proposal you are going to provide will be examined and marked for the purpose of completion of the Legal Research and Writing Skills Course only. You may need to provide a different proposal for the thesis course.

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