” food studies a hands on guide” by willa zhen.



This week’s video What Foods Did Your Ancestors Eat? and the article about Soul Fire Farm both make the connection between a subsistence system and the oppression of certain groups of people. Describe any new information or perspective you gained from rev

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I’m working on a Writing discussion question and need a reference to help me understand better.

– has to be 200 words or more.

– you can use evidence from either the video or the article or both.

– if you need more information on the topic you can use this book called ” food studies a hands on guide” by willa zhen. chapter 4 ” from producers to consumers” pages 87-115 have more information about the topic.

– https://www.vogue.com/article/soul-fire-farm-leah-… heres the link to the article

– https://www.ted.com/talks/aparna_pallavi_what_food… heres the link to the video



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