Economic Analysis of Spain


  • Population: Actual Count (latest), Growth Rates, Number of Households, Working Population, Age Distribution, Density of Population, etc.
  • Income: GNP or GDP, Per Capita Income, Average Family Income, Distribution of Wealth, etc.
  • Natural Resources
  • Infrastructure: Transportation & Communication Systems—modes/types, availability, usage rates
  • Inflation Rates
  • International Trade Statistics: Exports, Imports, Balance-of-payments situation, Exchange Rates
  • Trade Restrictions: Embargoes, Quotas, Import Taxes, Tariffs, Licensing, Customs Duties

3 pages in total plus references.

Dimension Of Nursing (Discussion)

For this discussion, describe how you typically communicate nonverbally?

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  1. Do you have particular or unique patterns of nonverbal communication?
  2. What have others said to you about your non-verbal communication?
  3. How do you think your non-verbal communication impacts your effectiveness as a communicator?

In what ways do you think your non-verbal communication patterns will influence your ability to provide client-centered care?