Gender in Anthropological Perspective


Gender is culturally constructed like race. When you are born, you are born with a sex, which is either male or female. However, Gender is used as a status symbol for male and female. If you are male, you are supposed to act masculine and strong and if you are female, you are supposed to be less masculine and act sensitive. Gender roles have been changing but it is still a controversial issue in which many people get offended when they are talked to about their roles and why are they acting a certain way, if they are not acting like a man or a woman. There are a lot of contemporary issues which is a concern in the topic of gender in today’s societies. There are always hot topics in the news, a trial going on, something happening in sports, politics, and industries. Gender inequality has been prevalent in society for many years, but its source is debatable. Problems are being shown in the media recently, Famous personalities are being accused of sexual misconduct towards people that wanted to make it big in the Hollywood Industry. What I am going to investigate is what does a concern for gender adds to our understanding of the current controversies in the media today? How can we understand the media through the lens of gender stratification and gender violence? What does an appreciation for gender and gender politics add to this discussion? What does it add to our understanding of underlying issues? How does looking at gender shine new light on the issue, or help us see things from a new perspective?

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