Gender Stratification

For this paper you will focus on gender stratification. The paper will focus on the discussion of two specific examples of gender stratification (historically or currently). Be sure to: 1. Define gender stratification. 2. Use the Powerpoints I have provided you in your paper. Remember that the point of this paper is for you to demonstrate your comprehension of the Powerpoints. Don’t waste the opportunity to do so. 3. Use and cite appropriate academic resources. You may use outside materials. Use the book: Gender by Lisa Wade and Myra Ferree, as one of your sources. 4. Use American Sociological Association style for your in-text cites and list of sources cited (your bibliography). Pragmatics of the paper: -double-spaced, 12 point font, standard margins – 4 complete pages of information so 1000 words and up just for the essay, does not include the title page and works cited page -standard Intro/Body/Conclusion format -paper should be proofread for spelling and grammar errors.



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