General history

complete the rest of the paper you did last week ending with assumptions and limitations.

Literature Review

The Literature review is an examination of the literature describing research into your topic or closely related to your topic. The purpose is

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to explore how others have researched your topic and what they found. The results of the Literature Review should inform your

methodology to allow you to build on what others have discovered.

This section begins with a general description of how the Review of Literature will be organized and presented. Then, the review may be

organized as follows:

• The general history of the topic (resented chronologically)

• The current state

• Related factors and circumstances

• Related research by others, if appropriate

It is important to integrate the areas of Review of Literature into a logical sequence, starting with a broad focus of the topic and narrowing

down to a specific topic.


This section describes the design of the research used to answer the research question or address the research problem. The

methodology is intended to be the action plan for the balance of your research. How will you frame your inquiry? What data will you

collect? How will you collect it? How will you analyze it once you collect it. The content and length of this section depends on the

nature of the research. This section may also include:

• Descriptions of the participants (who are they, and why were they chosen?) or business studied

• Instrumentation used to obtain data

• Procedures or steps in conducting the study and obtaining data

• Data analysis


• Briefly review the general topic and the need to explore the aspect addressed in this


• Briefly recap some of the issues/problems that were investigated


• Briefly recap the possible solutions

• Describe your final recommendation and why it is the best solution/prediction

• Describe what the implications are for management/businesses with respect to these



This section continues with the Arabic numbering of pages. Only sources of information that have actually been cited in the project are

included here.


The appendices continue with the Arabic numbering of pages from the previous section. The actual titling of the appendices receives letter

designations, rather than numbers. Therefore, you would have Appendix A, Appendix B., not Appendix 1, or Appendix 2.

This section includes information that is too detailed to be included in its entirety in the body of the project. This would include raw data,

sample questionnaires, and detailed computations. This section would also include information that is referred to but is not essential to the

project, such as relevant policies, laws, forms, pamphlets, sample letters sent to organizations and subjects, or subject consent forms.