Generalist Intervention Model (GIM) Engagement and Assessment


One goal during engagement is to accomplish key logistical tasks, such as completing required intake paper
work and negotiating the frequency of future meetings so that your client is efficiently oriented to the helping
relationship. This allows you and your client to move to the next stage of assessment, where your work to
assess the needs of the client and determine necessary actions to help the client meet those needs.
Moving from the engagement stage, the assessment should consider the micro, macro, and mezzo aspects of
the client’s environment. Within each of these levels, you then identify the client’s needs and strengths and
also consider any aspects of diversity. There are many different assessment tools that can be used by the
BSW to help with this process. In this Discussion, you move from engagement to assessment by examining
assessment tools.

• Describe the assessment tool that you have chosen.
• Explain why you would use this tool with a client.
• Explain how this tool could assist you in the client assessment process.

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