GIM Evaluation


You are ethically responsible to evaluate your work with clients. Evaluation can occur on two levels: practice or
program. To evaluate social work practice, you review the process that was initiated with the client and decide
if different techniques may be necessary or if the client has successfully completed treatment. If goals and
objectives of services, or programs, are not met, then these services and programs are neither effective nor
efficient. Or, practice or program evaluation can provide evidence to support the efficiency and effectiveness of
social work services provided. Using an evaluation design to evaluate your work provides evidence of the
outcomes and can be used to inform research.
To Prepare: Choose from the text an evaluation design on which to focus this week.
Required Reading:
Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, Jr. G. H. (2018). Understanding generalist practice (8th ed.). Stamford, CT:
Cengage Learning.
• Chapter 8, “Evaluation, Termination, and Follow-Up in Generalist Practice” (pp. 308–345)
Use 7th edition citation and references. Respond to the following.
• Describe an evaluation design chosen from your text.
• Explain why this evaluation would be beneficial in social work practice

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