GIM Implementation Techniques & Crisis Intervention Skills in Social Work

When social workers implement plans for the client, they must rely on the information the client has provided
during the assessment process and planning phase. However, different problems require different techniques
for a plan to be implemented. In addition, some client challenges may be difficult for you to work with due to
your personal experiences or feelings. Confronting your own biases, preconceived assumptions, or struggles
due to personal experiences will help you better help your clients. This is an important technique to apply in
intervention, and it may include finding a support system, such as a counselor, for your own self-care. In this
Discussion, you apply implementation processes to help you address client challenges.
There are many social work positions where the social worker’s primary role is crisis intervention. Crisis
intervention is a unique type of social work practice—usually short-term and fast-paced. You build quicker
rapport with the client through engagement to more rapidly move toward assessment and planning. You take a
more direct, active role in crises intervention compared to other types of intervention. The crises may occur at a
micro or mezzo level, where the client faces internal emotional distresses or complicated family functioning.
Crises may also occur at the macro level, perhaps as the result of a natural disaster or a school shooting,
affecting large numbers of individuals. Depending on where you are employed, you might find yourself handling
crises on a regular basis.
Required Reading:
Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, Jr. G. H. (2018). Understanding generalist practice (8th ed.). Stamford, CT:
Cengage Learning.
• Chapter 7, “Examples of Implementation in Generalist Practice” (pp. 256–302)
Use 7th edition citation and references. Respond to the following:
• Describe two different challenges you may encounter with a client.
• Explain how you would use different implementation processes to work with this client.
• Describe an area of social work practice where crisis intervention could be utilized.
• Explain the steps necessary to conduct crisis intervention


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