Select two characters from the texts who have experienced or been impacted by globalization. By comparing and contrasting each character’s experiences as they relate to globalization, endeavor to decide if the authors we’ve read this semester have a positive or negative view on the impact of globalization on our world. Use this video to help define globalization:…

You can discuss this by answering or thinking about the following:

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How has globalization affected their ability to earn a living, develop relationships, travel (or not), select a path for their lives, express their identity, etc.?
Have the characters been affected differently by globalization? Why do you think that is?
Has globalization provided opportunities and/or caused challenges? Describe them. How is globalization the cause of what you’re describing?
Overall, has globalization has a positive or negative effect on their lives? Why?
How would the impact of globalization been different if the characters were born somewhere else? What about if they’d been born with a different identity? (Gender, religion, ethnicity, etc.)

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