hat do you do at home to protect your information privacy?

Health care:
1. Imagine that you are a public health nurse, and you and your
colleagues have determined that the threat of a deadly new strain
of influenza indicates a need for a mass inoculation program in
your communityHow do you see your community’s level of preparedness
for a situation such as this one, and what plans need to be changed
or revised, in your opinion?
2. When the Ebola virus was brought to the US last year we saw a
major public panic occur. How can the CDC manage public panic by
using technology? 3.What do you do at home to protect your
information privacy? Why is this important to you, or why is it not
important? 4.What is your thoughts about EHR and the human touch?
Do you think that computers are taking the human touch away from
nurses during patient care?
5.Let’s shift the focus to economies of scale. What does
economies of scale mean? What are examples of diseconomies of
scale? How do these two concepts tie in to the U-shaped curves –
why does our AVC and ATC decline, reach a bottom point, and then
rise again? How can we use the concepts of increasing/decreasing
returns and economies/diseconomies of scale to explain this shape?
Can you think of any business examples which display these
characteristics? 6.So in the short run, what does a firm consider
when making the decision to stay open or shut down? Would a firm
ever stay open if its total costs exceed its total revenues? If so,
why? 7.Let’s get a more detailed analysis of each one, starting
with perfect competition. Perfect competitors are described as
“price takers.” What does this mean? How can a producer be a price
taker when they are selling their product? At what point would a
perfect competitor maximize their profits? What is unique about the
demand curve for a perfectly competitive firm? 8.Would you rather
be a producer or a consumer in a monopolistic market? What about a
perfectly competitive market? Which market structure produces at a
higher quantity: monopoly or perfect competition? What market
structure charges a higher price