Have any ethical violations occurred in this situation?

Smith is an attorney who works at the firm of Johnson & Johnson. He represents Ralph Grant, who is seeking a divorce against his wife, Alice Grant. In their first meeting, Smith learns that Ralph is an experienced carpenter who is out of work and has very little money. Smith’s fee is $150 an hour. Ralph has no money and has been having trouble finding work, so Smith tells Ralph that he will not have to pay the fee if the court does not grant him the divorce. One day while Smith is working on another case involving Helen Oberlin, he learns that Helen is looking for a carpenter. Smith recommends Ralph to Helen, and she hires him for a small job. Six months pass. The divorce case is dropped when the Grants reconcile. In the meantime, Helen Oberlin is very dissatisfied with Ralph’s carpentry work for her; she claims he did not do the work he contracted to do. She wants to know what she can do about it. She tries to call Smith at Johnson & Johnson, but is told that Smith does not work there anymore. Another lawyer at the firm, Georgia Quinton, Esq., helps Helen. Have any ethical violations occurred in this situation? See the General Instructions for the Legal-Analysis Assignment in Appendix A.

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