Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness


Post your response to one of the following discussion questions for Module 2, HMP Chapters 3, 4, & 5. Please, copy the question you are commenting in your response. Your initial response for each selected question has to be at least 265 words. Please add a word count at the end of each response. Cite the weekly readings and other sources, if needed, to support your comment. Past and current hazard events are recommended to talk about as examples in your comments. You also have to comment on one initial response from other students.


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Q1: Describe the difference between mitigation, preparedness and response (Hint: the 4 phases of the emergency cycle are mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery). Give at least two examples (i.e. actions, strategies, measures) of EACH of these 3 phases in relation with hurricanes.

Q2: Set aside time to create a preparedness plan for yourself or your family thinking about the hypothetical scenario of a Cat. 5 hurricane making landfall near Cape Canaveral (think about the possibility of power being down for weeks, contamination of drinking water, shortages of essential goods, down cellphone networks, potential looting, spread of diseases due to proliferation of stagnant sewage water, etc.), What would you include? How would it be different from a preparedness plan for a devastating earthquake (if you were living, let’s say, in California)?

Q3: Describe the importance of preparedness exercises using a warning system in the Pacific Northwest. Why are warning systems so important in this area? What hazards require this type of systems? Explain what states like Oregon or Washington are doing to prevent and prepare for high-scale disasters in their region.

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