Health system of two countries


Select two countries of different income categories from options below. You will use these same 2 countries for questions 2 – 4.

High Income Countries: Japan, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Canada, Australia, or France
Low or middle income countries: Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana, India, Ecuador or Cuba

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On the chart on the next page briefly describe the health systems of these 2 countries (including the basic categorization), describe the 2 health system building blocks you identified above for each country and describe how the country’s health systems addresses this building block; pick the same 2 building blocks for both countries. Please use proper APA citation in the chart and include the list of references in the reference section. (12 points)

You can find health system information in the Skolnik book and in the following sources. You can also use outside research through websites and journal articles. (Health in the Americas. Chapter by Country)



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